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// basic code to "log in" a user by
// requesting certain data attributes

 requested: ['name', 'avatar', 'phone', 'country'],
 notifcations: true

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Phoebe Olson
User Data
  "@context": "",
  "@type": "Person",
  "publicKey": "0x044c31ed1499dce76ee7711c72388fda86e6c1d4f9ecc105c4abe2f63cfe79638822dcf21b7c29b3d208fc01d4e0506d4e8f6234a912727a36cf347e61956d5f2f",
  "publicEncKey": "Py+NXzHgacNMTzj9Ufe4S2KPuzR39dDMd1o+rWBJnmM=",
  "name": "Christian Jeria"

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Why uPort?

Give users control over their identity and data.

Give your users control over their identity, data, and private keys.

Our mission is to empower the individual. uPort’s user-centric identity platform uses Ethereum to enable users to collect, store, and share their private identity data. uPort stores private keys on users’ devices, and therefore easily supports mobile challenge-respone authentication, signatures, 2FA, and blockchain transactions.

User onboarding, single sign on, authentication, and signatures.

uPort Connect allows your users to securely log-in to your app using their mobile uPort ID. They can also use this same uPort ID to log-in to other services.

Support for blockchain and client-server apps.

More and more applications are combining Ethereum smart contract and client-server functionality. uPort is a single identity solution to support both interaction patterns. We provide friendly identity, onboarding, key management, and transaction solutions for your Ethereum app that are simple to integrate.